Taro is a resident of Holt Village, and later becomes an admirer and servant of Rozalin. This admiration goes so deep that his title is "Rozy's Slave". Like his younger sister Hanako, Taro was born as a full-fledged demon.


Taro and his younger sister Hanako are demons, having been born after their parents were cursed. He has a set of horns, as well as clothing that looks cow-like. He starts to admire Rozalin soon after meeting her, and refers to her as Princess. He is not as confident as the other characters, but he tries to help as much as he can. He is also commonly referred to asTardo (Taro-chan in Japanese) by his sister, Hanako. He joins your party after chapter 5-4.


In the Good Ending, he does not appear, but received a letter from Hanako after she leaves to join Laharl and Etna. In the Worst Ending, he is gruesomely devoured alongside Hanako by a Zenon-possessed Adell.


Despite being an eleven-year-old demon, Taro has remarkable stats. In addition to having good HP, Defense, and Resistance, Taro comes with four counters. This almost ensures that Taro will get the last hit when he is attacked or counter-attacked. These high stats also make Taro a perfect lure or front man to use in battle. Taro's specials boosts his own stats and recovers his HP. Like his sister, Taro's final special attack weakens an enemy's stats and also hits every unit around him.

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