Garabatoz s Timmy Turner by NewGirlComic

An immortal Ghost who is somehow immune to bright light. He speaks with a British accent, though he is not from Earth.


Shadow Spawn was Ranjan's alter ego - the evil portion of the host that is Ranjan – released when black Spawn tests his formula on himself. As Black Spawn continues the experiments Shadow Spawn begins to take over. There is a flaw in the formula and as he fails to find the exact chemical combination to stop the process, Shadow Spawn grows stronger and Ranjan is no longer in control of when the transformations take place. Ranjan’s unconscious anger at those who have slighted him takes form as Shadow Spawn begins to take revenge by killing them one by one.

As the balance of power between these two characters shifts that there is a spirit inside host's body, in the passions that sometimes are glimpsed and the anger that he holds in check toward those who thwart his progress.

Shadow Spawn has an animal magnetism, he is rough, earthy and perverse. His physicality is manic, as if unleashed from bonds. He is passionate to the point of obsession. Carnal and guttural, he exudes power.


Timmy wears his pink shirt and has blue pants and shoes. His hair is colored brown. he usually wears a white cloak, his identity was kept hidden by his cloak. Shadow's disguise, the white hood hiding his face, is similar to Moon Knight, Marvel character.


his weopans were a bow and some arrows from Cupid, a jet pack, a magic mirror, a roll of tooth floss, a Groucho Marx mask, and some Easter Eggs from the Easter Bunny.

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