Rosé Thomas (ロゼ・トーマス, Roze Tōmasu; also spelled Rose) is a young woman living in the Eastern Amestrian town of Reole. A former Letoist adherent, Rosé was a devout follower of the false prophet Cornello until Edward and Alphonse Elric intervened in the priest's deception of the townspeople and opened her eyes to the truth.


In the first anime series, she is portrayed with having dark skin, purple eyes and dark brown hair with bright pink bangs. In the second series however, she has pale skin, purple eyes and black hair with her pink bangs noticeably darker, much like the original manga.


  • In an omake, Arakawa depicts Rosé as a hardened warrior, in Joan of Arc-like style.
  • It would appear that Rosé is named for Rosé, a specially-crafted variant of red wine, making her namesake similar to those of Martel, Dolcetto and Roa.
  • Both of her seiyū, Houko Kuwashima (2003 anime) and Satsuki Yukino (2009 anime), worked together in the anime Inuyasha, voicing Sango and Kagome Higurashi and again in Bleach when Kuwashima played Soi-fon and Yukino played Yoruichi Shihouin, respectively.

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