Professor Calamitous

Professor Finbarr Calamitous was Jimmy's most recurring nemesis on The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius animated series. He was a former student of Retroville Elementary, famous for never finishing anything he did, such as inventions, his lunch, and even his own sentences.


Calamitous, much like stereotypical evil geniuses, while incredibly smart and evil, can also be somewhat comedical and absent-minded. His problem of forgetting things is always used to the heroes' advantage, and while he did go through shock therapy to cure himself, his problem somehow came back during the events of Nicktoons Unite!, as his defeat was because he forgot to make the Doomsday Machine with solar panels instead of plugs, which were turned off by Spongebob. While he does love his daughter, Beautiful Gorgeous, he is always trying to get her to be evil like him, instead of just letting her do it her way, which creates some conflict between the two.


Calamitous is a tiny, near-sighted, eccentric, old genius, who is one of the most brilliant evil minds on the planet, and he would be more dangerous if he didn't have the bad habit of never finishing what he starts! Calamitous is determined to get Jimmy to finish his projects for him as he cannot finish them himself.


  • The word "Calamitous" means "Full of Calamity".
  • He is the father of Beautiful Gorgeous
  • He NEVER EVER finished anything,especially his sentences
  • A fail is that there is something he finishes which is his walking.

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