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Max Taylor is the main character, and the leader of the D-Team. He owns Chomp the Triceratops.

Character DesignEdit

Max has pale skin, spiky brown hair and big round purple eyes. He wears a red short-sleeve T-shirt with a yellow collar and a black bag around his tummy decorated with a dinosaur tooth. He also wears orange jeans, red sneakers and red gloves with no fingers. Most distinctive of all, he wears a visor with a clear 'shade' and Triceratops horns that double up as flashlights.(This electricutes him in episode 61)


Max is happy-go-lucky, much like his father, Spike Taylor. He loves dinosaurs, like his father, who is a paleontologist. His favorite food are hamburgers and vegetables, especially carrots and peppers. He is really bad at math, and Rod and Laura say that his brain is on par with a dinosaurs'.


  • Max may have a crush on Zoe, like Rex. For example, when Jimmy kisses Zoe, both Max and Rex look jealous, and Max was the first to ask Zoe about the kiss. Even when Zoe asked Max whether he's jealous, he said he isn't though it's quite obvious that he is.
  • Max accidentally kisses Jimmy when the two attempt to kiss Zoe at the same time, resulting in Zoe ducking and the two slamming into each other.
  • In the DS and Arcade Game, he is seen with a bandage on his nose all the time. In the anime, he is only seen with one in the first episode, after Chomp bit him.
  • In the 4koma on, he occassionally becomes half human, half Triceratops. This form also allows him to use Lightning moves.
  • His English voice actor, Veronica Taylor, has the same last name as his dub's.
  • Max is the first one to use the term 'Dino Slash'. He used it in episode 2, but he only added 'Triceratops' without 'roar' (which later becomes his summoning speech).
  • His long name is Maximus, but he was only called that in episode 35 by his mom, to which he complains, "Mom, I thought you promised never to call me that again!".
  • While Rex's true name in the dub is Rex Ancient, in the Japanese version, Max's last name is Ancient (Kodai means Ancient)

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