Makoto 1

Makoto Ito (some translations spell his surname Itou) is the protagonist of the series, originally coming off as well rounded and kind.


His character tends to change, turning careless and cold as the series progresses when he becomes a sex addict. Living a pretty simple life in the years before, as he enters Sakakino High School as a first year student, his world changes.

Social lifeEdit

Makoto Ito is the crush of many girls at Sakakino High. Makoto ends up having sexual relations with many of the girls in School Days and in the Summer Days spinoff, including Kotonoha's mother Manami and younger sister Kokoro.


Makoto lives in an apartment by himself. In episode 6 of the anime, he mentions that his sister lives with his divorced father and comes to play sometimes, after he reveals to Sekai that he lied to Koto about her visiting so that he could spend time with Se.


Makoto's best friend is Taisuke Sawanaga, his middleschool best friend was Otome Kato


He has a younger sister named Itaru who lives with his father, who is divorced from his mother and also lives separately.

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