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Ling Xiaoyu
was introduced in Tekken 3 as a 16 year old girl and has returned in every subsequent release. In Tekken 4 & 5 she is 18 years old, and in Tekken 6 she is 19.

Ling Xiaoyu, born and raised in China, is a student at Mishima High School in Japan. Ling Xiaoyu is also a schoolmate of Jin Kazama and Miharu Hirano. In Tekken 4, Xiaoyu wished to be reunited with Jin.

Xiaoyu's fighting style was brought on with some influence from her distant relative, Wang Jinrei. Mastering her fighting style in real life would require a constant flexibility (ex. Art of the Phoenix, Phoenix Talon, Mistrust, Flapping Wings, Front/Back Layout) and maneuvering.

Miscellaneous Information:

Nationality: Chinese

Occupation: Student at Mishima Polytechnical High School

Age: 16 (T3-TTT), 18 (T4-T5/T5:DR), 19 (T6/T6:BR-TTT2)

Alignment: Good

Trivia Edit


  • Xiaoyu is considered cute and childish among the other female characters in Tekken.
  • Xiaoyu's name is written in Chinese as 凌 暁雨 (Ling Xiaoyu), using the Chinese characters for "surpass", "dawn", and "rain", respectively.
  • Xiaoyu's Tekken 3 and Tekken 5 endings are the only ones that use a mix of animation and CGI.
  • There is a magazine with Xiaoyu on the cover in the prison from Death by Degrees.
  • A Maxim model named Krystle starred as Ling Xiaoyu in the Tekken Maxim Photoshoot for the Maxim magazine.
  • Ling Xiaoyu is an unlockable character in Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 along with Raphael Sorel and Cassandra Alexandra from The Soul Series
  • Ling Xiaoyu was one of five characters nominated in G4's 2005 "Video Game Vixens" awards show under the category of "Baddest Good Girl", but lost to Final Fantasy X's Rikku.
  • Despite being Chinese, Xiaoyu speaks only in Japanese, even to her grandfather, Wang Jinrei, in an interlude in Tekken 5, hinting that she considers herself more a Japanese than a Chinese due to her time spent in Japan.
  • "Ling" is actually her surname; "Xiaoyu" is her first name. This is witnessed in the English dub of Tekken: Blood Vengeance, where Ganryu pronounced her name as "Xiaoyu Ling".
  • Xiaoyu is the shortest human female character in the Tekken series.
  • Xiaoyu was the first youngest fighter in the series to enter the tournament, being 16.
  • She ws born and was raised in China, and is a student of the Mishima High School in Japan. She is also a classmate of Jin Kazama and Miharu Hirano.
  • Xiaoyu's English voice actor in Street Fighter X Tekken, Carrie Savage voices Satsuki Yumizuka in Tsukihime anime. Also, both Satsuki and Xiaoyu's hairstyles are twin tails.
  • Ling Xiaoyu is actually a foreign exchange student despite speaking Japanese.

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