Leanne is one of the three playable main characters of the game. She is recognizable by her long, blonde hair, white and blue dress, and long boots. In the beginning of the game (Prologue) she is 21 years old. She celebrates her 22nd birthday on Chapter 13.


Leanne was one of 20 children used in an experiment by Rowan, Sullivan and Juris to test Zenith's control over life and death via crystals. Each child had a respective crystal that was programmed in such a way so that the corresponding child would die at a designated time (Leanne was supposed to die on her 20th birthday). Leanne was subject #20, the last child who was supposed to die. When she neared the hour that she was scheduled to die, she decided to escape her prison. Once outside, she decided to attempt suicide, realizing that she would die soon anyway.

Leanne was saved by Zephyr, who caught her as the fell from the bridge she jumped off. The two of them plummeted down from Chandellier and down to the next level, miraculously surviving. Not only that, but Leanne did not die when her appointed time came, somehow defying the programming in her crystal. Leanne decided to follow Zephyr after the incident and joined him and Vashyron as a hunter, taking on dangerous missions in exchange for reward money.

Leanne longs to one day discover how she survived the experiment that killed the other 19 subjects.


Leanne is usually kind and thoughtful. She frequently tries to help Zephyr when he is feeling angry and depressed. But even she has a limit. When Vashyron and Zephyr tease her too much, she retaliates with either slapping or yelling, whichever seems more appropriate for the situation.


Leanne has long, blonde hair and blue eyes she stands at 5'8. She wears a white and blue dress, complete with a large ribbon. She also wears long boots and gloves. Her starting weapon is the B-N84 handgun. Like Vashyron and Zephyr, her equipment can be changed later in the game.


  • Leanne starts the game with the B-N84 handgun and a medical kit, although they can be switched with other weapons later in the game.
  • Leanne initially has dark brown hair at the start of the game. After she joins Vashyron and Zephyr, her hair is blonde by default.
  • Leanne was born on Christmas day.
  • Leanne likes to wear make-up, stating that it makes her feel stronger.

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