Tegami Bachi Lag Seeing by ShadowDream01
Lag Seeing is a letter bee and one of the main characters of Tegami Bachi.


One of the shortest of the main characters, Lag is slender, and physically not very strong. A twelve year old albisian (Albino), Lag has white hair and a single crimson eye. Although he has no left eye, it is replaced by a piece of red Spirit Amber containing a bee. In order to hide the Spirit amber, he wears his hair over the eye as a makeshift eyepatch. He is often seen wearing the standard issue Letter Bee uniform, his hat being similar to Aria’s in that it allows his hair to poke out the top. He also tends to wear baggy underpants that Niche has taken a liking to.


He has a very admirable and lovable personality. But he often looses his self control and tends to start crying. Because of such behaviour, he is usually called 'crybaby' by Slyvette and others. He is very gentle to everyone around and talks politely. He is hard working and seldom disappoints others. He admires Gauche Suede a lot and wants him and Slyvette to unite again.


Lag was born the son of Anne Seeing on the Day of the Flicker (311th day of the year=7th november), a disastrous event that is shrouded in mystery up to the present day. He was born with a fatal disease that his mother cured by implanting a piece of red Spirit Amber into his left eye socket. It is unknown thus far if the Day of the Flicker was responsible in any way for his illness.

Lag spent the first seven years of his life in the village of Coza Bel. Living alone with his mother, he seldom ventured away from home, traveling only as far the town of Regnus on rare occasions. When he was seven years old, agents from the capital of Akatsuki attacked the farm and abducted his mother. Under the orders of a mysterious man named Ballore, the house was burned to the ground, and Lag left to fend for himself. He was then addressed to his Aunt Sabrina Mary in Campbel Litus, and chained to a mail post to await pickup.

He was found and eventually delivered by the Letter Bee Gauche Suede and dingo Roda. Gauche inspired Lag to pursue a career as a Letter Bee, and became Lag’s hero and role model


His Shindanjuu was originally an antique from Cambel Litus. He received the Nocturne #12, Gauche Suede's gun from Sylvette. His left eye is made of red spirit amber, allowing him to better use the Shindanjuu and also allowing him to fire a heart bullet from his own body.

His Spirit Amber attack is called Akabari (Red Needle), which fires a red blast of his shindan. His shindan can reveal the heart in objects. When he gives into his emotions and puts all his heart into something, he can channel the energy of the shindan bullet around him and control it. He also receives Gauche's Gymnopeide after Gauche goes back to Reverse, implying that Lag has the ability to use 2 Shindanjuu at once.


  • The Nocturne Number 20, this gun that was Gauche's has been called 3 different numbers, and the actual number is not yet known. It has been called number 12, number 20 and number 13 (in order of appearance). So the actual number is not specified as of yet but hopefully soon.
  • Niche's sister has implied that Lag may not be human but something that's form was changed so to look like a human.
  • The Maka has referred to Lag as the light.
  • At the beginning of ch 10 Lag had noted that the Empress profile looks a little like his mother.

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