Jude Mathis
(ジュード・マティス Juudo Matisu?) is one of the two main characters in Tales of Xillia. He is a medical student training in the royal city when he is engulfed into Milla Maxwell's adventures.


Jude's hometown is Lu Rondo, where his parents own a clinic. When he was small, he wandered to a dangerous place and was injured. Due to this incident, his friends changed their impression toward him. He learned martial arts while still young. His childhood friend, Leia Rolando, often asked for a duel, which resulted in Jude's defeat each time. Jude's parents rarely pay attention to him due to their professions as medical doctors. This treatment causes Jude to believe that his parents live only to work, which he strongly dislikes. Feeling neglected, Jude decides to leave Lu Rondo and head to Il Fan, and study there.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Jude is usually calm and composed, but can get into trouble due to his meddling personality. He is a very diligent student in Il Fan, and offered an opportunity to become an apprentice medical doctor after graduation by a professor in the school.

Battle StyleEdit

His battle style is relatively reminescent of Senel Coolidge's from Tales of Legendia, in the way that they both use their full body in order to fight. His Integration Evasion ability lets him evade an attack and go behind the opponent. It is also similar to Asbel's Second Battle Style.

Fighting StyleEdit

Jude prefers melee-based combat over weaponry, primarily utilizing his fists as weapons, with the aid of bracers. He also possesses a few, minor healing spells.

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