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Ikumi Unagiya (鰻屋 育美, Unagiya Ikumi) is the owner and manager of the Unagiya Shop in Karakura Town, a business that performs a variety of odd jobs for its customers. She hires Ichigo Kurosaki sometime after the loss of his Shinigami powers.


Ikumi is a tall and curvaceous fair-skinned woman with gray eyes and raven hair that reaches to her upper back with bangs that part to the left of her face and styles her hair in a ponytail with a purple scrunchy. She is normally seen wearing a white t-shirt with long purple sleeves, tight black pants with a buckle belt, and black rubber boots. As the owner of the Unagiya Shop, she has her shop's logo on her shirt with "Unagi" written on. She also wears a brown cap with goggles and work gloves. When around her son, she removes her gloves, hat, and goggles and replaces them with an apron.


Ikumi runs the Unagiya Shop, and because she is short-handed, she relies on Ichigo Kurosaki for help. Ikumi is both violent and aggressive, as she is willing to use force, excessively even, to get her way, as she beats up a group of thugs that Ichigo was fighting, just to bring Ichigo to work, doing so by kidnapping him shortly after. She also has pride in her shop, refusing to change its name, despite Ichigo's recommendation to do so, as well as the mistakes some customers make. Despite her aggressive personality, she is still very caring, maintaining a stereotypical sweet-mother demeanor around her son, even when he is rude to others. With Ichigo, she has occasionally shown her motherly-side in giving advice to Ichigo, and offering him shelter in his emotional state.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Ikumi showed herself to be a very fearsome fighter, effortlessly pummeling an entire gang on her way towards Ichigo.

Enhanced Strength: Despite her slender frame, Ikumi is surprisingly strong. She is able to launch several delinquents a noticeable distance and easily subdue Ichigo by effortlessly grabbing his face and dragging him away.

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