0000Esther Blanchett

Esther Blanchett (エステル・ブランシェ) is one of the main protagonists of Trinity Blood. She is from Istavan and met Abel Nightroad on her way to the train station in the opening chapters of the manga.


Esther wears mostly the Vatican's nun habit, which is white with blue outlines. During the series, she also wears civillian clothing and a Kethuda's clothes as she tries to sneak into The New Human Empire with Abel and Ion. Esther is portrayed as a young girl with red hair and blue eyes.


Esther is a sweet and kind girl to all those that she loves and cares for. She can be very stubborn at times. She also has a tough side, not staying at the back when the action gets tough. Esther is able to make harddecisions, such as helping Shahra and confronting D'Annunzio for what he is planning. But on tough times, she finds herself relying on Abel and his help. Even before she even knew that he was a Crusnik, just knowing that Abel would come and save her. And the first time she encountered Abel in his Crusnik form, she was filled with fear and finally fainted from it. Having nightmares and conflicted feelings about Abel after that. But in the end she could overcome her fear and helps Abel to save Karthago in the manga. Her kind nature shows well, when she helps out Shahra, even though she does not know her at all, but believing it to be the right thing to do, and this shows her strong sense of inner justice.


  • Esther is 17 during the Star of Sorrow arc and 18 when she goes to the Empire.

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