Prince En (焔, En) (sometimes Lord En) is the child of the Great Demon Lord, and the older brother of Beelzebub.


En has light green hair (a trait shown shared with his younger brother, Berubo) that is messy, with slit, feline eyes, and black eyebrows. His attire consists of Chinese style shirt, with knee high boots, and black pants. He sports a black shoulder guard with a long black cloth under it.


En usually has a personality like his younger brother, he has a short temper, and crys whenever he faces trouble that he could not handle. Like his father, En loves and enjoys video games but he is only familiar with the old one like the Super Famicom and is surprised by the graphics of Furuichi's PlayStation 2.

En usually acts very self-righteous, and like he is above others but in truth he is very shy, lazy and constantly avoids confrontation even with those who are his followers. He is also a bigger crybaby than his younger brother, Berubo, as he cries even when he loses a game against his brother when Berubo just randomly mashes the buttons.

He also has a very childish infatuation over Lamia, the demon nurse working under Dr. Furcas, calling her his wife which Lamia greatly opposes. In conclusion, he behaves like a spoiled brat.


Currently, there have been no scenes has been shown of En's fighting abilities (Except his demonic abilities), but since his father trusted him with humanity's destruction, he must have some potential.

Demonic Abilities

  • Fire - When En cries,he can cause heat around his surrounding area.
  • Sea of Flames - Back in the demon world,En made a tantrum so big that the sea boiled for 7 days, and 7 nights. However this might actually only have been possible, because his powers are, like baby beels, boosted by the demon worlds environment.

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