A type of villain frequently found in mangas and video games. As the name implies, these villains seek to become a deity, if not God himself. It is usually a powerful and megalomaniac villain who seeks absolute and neverending dominion over everything. If he/she were to achieve this insane goal, he/she would proclaim himself/herself the new god of the world (or universe) or overthrow the existing deity and take its place.

Becoming a god usually means to become a "perfect being" immortal, omnipotent and unmatchable, but some might be content by simply becoming all-powerful or immortal, as they already consider that no one can kill or surpass them. Those who already consider themselves as a god also fall in this category, if they are powerful enough and if they coerce the people they oppress to worship them.

On the contrary, omnipotent Reality Warpers, such as Anthony Fremont or Mad Jim Jaspers, despite wielding absolute god-like powers aren't God Wannabes, except if they proclaim to be God on a regular basis. In the same way, "Cult Leader" doesn't necessary mean "God Wannabe."

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