King Mungar 2

Blade Lectric is Astra's demonic father. Blade is an inter-dimensional demon who sought to take over the universe. He is also The Hell King, an evil tyrant, and is widely considered the most powerful and impure villain


One thousand years ago, the wizard Merlin engaged the ancient Demon named Blade in battle. But the Demon proved to be physically superior to Merlin, so he decided to employ his very last resort and trapped Blade into Hell with a powerful curse. Through subsequent ages, the curse changed hands and eventually wound

General Blade was a traditionalist who disagreed with the industrial views of Lucifer. After getting close to the king, Blade took his place. When they thought they had it, Blade decided to test the formula on his daughter, Astra. However, they would not be able to tell if it worked until he got older. After defeating the King Aurthur from his mind, Blade no longer saw the need of the formula and it was soon forgotten. After being overthrown and Deafeted, he and his family were stripped of all royal staus and cast out into the Lowlands. Blade did not take his banishment well and soon attempted to retake his throne. After being defeated yet again, Blade had to pay the price for violating his banishment and was exiled from Earth all together. Vowing revenge, Blade fled into the outer-regions of space and was never seen again.


Blade is a powerful metahuman with a vast array of psychokinetic powers. The abilities he has demonstrated so far include:

  • Mind control
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Photographic memory
  • Levitation
  • Walking on water (possibly a cyborg ability or part of his telekinesis)
  • Energy blasts
  • Creation of telekinetic barriers capable of deflecting physical and energy attacks.
  • Teleportation of himself and others to any location of his choosing.
  • Mentally inducing illusions into his victims' minds, complete with convincing sensory impressions.
  • Extraordinary agility
  • Enhanced strength and speed.


While Blade, is charismatic and intelligent, he is prone to paranoia, as displayed by his obsession over defeating and bending God's will. Despite being a villain, Blade nevertheless is an excellent teacher, and expects a lot from his students, maintaining his strict sense. However, this cold, strict personality of Blade's sometimes breaks away, giving space for his occasional goofiness.

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