Arella is a denizen of the extradimensional realm of The Empire of Heroes and the daughter of the Tigger and a Half-siter to Odd Della Robbia.


  • Father: Tigger
  • Half-Sister: ???
  • Half-Brother: Odd Della Robba


Arella is a very peaceful, controlled woman, but also rather fatalistic like her Father, mainly due to the part she had unwittingly played in Falica's scheme. He was a niece of Dr. Blowhole and King Snorky.

Powers and abilitesEdit

Arella seems to be able to wield some sorcerous abilities, enough to leave a projection of herself and their realm for her Father even after Dr. Blowhole had devastated Empire of Heroes. It was then revealed that Her birthland had already been destroyed, and that Arella may be presumly dead. Although this is debatable, she must had given Malforn her last words through a telepathic imprint of some sort. The true extent of her powers are unknown, though evidently they were unable to shield herself or Empire of Heroes from Azula's own wrath.


Arella's Organization coat is similar to the one Roxas wears, with slightly pointed shoulders and closer-fitting sleeves. She also wears the more feminine, heeled boots that Larxene wears and the basic black gloves. Physically, her blue eyes and her hair is black and her bangs part on a different side. She is slightly shorter than Roxas.

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