The AntiSora is a character who can be found exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


The AntiSora is a near-perfect replica of Sora. It dresses in the same clothing as Sora, including his gloves, shorts, large shoes, hooded shirt, and even has the same necklace and hip chain. However, its clothing is colored entirely in shades of black and grey. Its skin is also black, as is its spiky hair. It carries a copy of the Kingdom Key, which is similarly dark-colored. It also has the glowing yellow eyes characteristic of Heartless.


While on Captain Hook's ship, Sora and company chase Riku to the captain's chambers. To distract them, Riku tapped into the power of darkness and created a heartless out of Sora's shadow.

The AntiSora's name reflects the fact that it is an antagonistic, Heartless copy of Sora. The prefix "anti-" means "against".


  • AntiSora is one of only eight enemies who do not have entries in Jiminy's Journal. The others are Bit Sniper, the Cave of Wonders Guardian, Chernabog, the Crank Tower, Glut, Shadow Sora, and World of Chaos.

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